Princess Ramona Beloved of Beasts

Our elementary librarian, Ruth Ingulsrud, wrote an iBook, Princess Ramona Beloved of Beasts. She shared the book with all of the elementary classes and also had it put on all the school iPads.

Mrs. Ingulsrud reading her recently published, Princess Ramona Beloved of Beasts using the projector.

The second graders have been listening and reading along on the iPads.

YeJin – I liked when after Princess Ramona said, “You hurt my friend’s ouee.” because it was funny. The dragon was crying like a 4 year old.

Nykolas – I liked the part when the knights came through the forest and the animals were ready to attack him. I liked the part when the king was in his seat and the animals were next to him and the dragon behind him and he didn’t know it. It is about helping each other.

Devika – I liked the part when Ramona set free the animals from the cage. It reminded me of Noah’s ark. It is a good book because it has funny and interesting things in it.

Cindy – I liked when she made friends with the animals. I like it because after she gets dirty, her maid washed her up and she didn’t like it and made a funny face.

Jamie – I liked the bit when the dragon is harvesting his own farm because it reminds me of farmers harvesting their fields.

Hugo – I liked the part Ramona went into the cave and the dragon burps because it is funny.

Minoru – I like the part when Ramona went inside the cave and saw the dragon because blue crystals were glowing. It is about friendship.

Ryota – I like all the parts because the dragon was peeking somewhere.

Mae – It was funny when the king was looking at the rabbit with a magnifying class.

Sho – My favorite character is the dragon.

Eryka – I liked when Princess Ramona makes a bunny out of the scarf.


9 thoughts on “Princess Ramona Beloved of Beasts

  1. What a great audience this class was! Thank you so much for all of the wonderful and perceptive comments. These second grade students notice so many details!

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  3. I like the part when Ramona says “You hurt my friend” and the dragon was crying. And I like the part when they help the dragon and he takes off all his armor and uses it and when the dragon eats most of te food.

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